career-services-boulder-college-studentsCollege Students

Have a career idea or choosing your major?  Boulder Career Services helps you navigate through these decisions.  We help many students identify their own career cluster and select an academic major.  We show you how to connect with the right resources and professionals in the field.  We assist with resume writing, interviewing preparation, and job search strategies.  Whether you are looking for an internship, graduate school or job we can help through our career coaching.


career-services-boulder-high-school-studentsHigh School Students

You are in a unique position.  You are working hard in school which includes academics, sports, extra curricula activities along with making and keeping social and personal relationships.  You are fulfilling your family obligations, learning to drive, and making decisions for your future.  Boulder Career Services helps you slow down for a few moments.  We take a “snapshot” of where you are right now in your own self awareness and help you identify your innate strengths.  You might be surprised in what you find when working with a career coach.  Self awareness and knowing your strengths gives you clarity and confidence in making decisions for your future.